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CSME Student Chapter uOttawa's First Organized Event



We are happy to announce that we successfully got approval from the Mechanical Engineering Dean's and the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineers Chapter to run the CSME Student Chapter at uOttawa this year

General Meeting

General Meeting to be announced soon!

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Since 1993

CSME Student Chapter uOttawa

Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineers, CSME, new student chapter begins its journey at the university of Ottawa.  We are Science and Engineering students carrying the name after the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineers Chapter.

Our main vision is to integrate hands-on experience to engineering students, as well as to enable networking between students and academia, professionals, research, and industry. Our members get supports that range from helping students run clubs and contribute to research to providing them easy transition from high school to university to the real world.

All members will have access to events, general meetings, and other more benefits that will evolve as the chapter grows bigger....