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uOttawa CSME Student Chapter aims to integrate hands-on experience for engineering students, as well as facilitating and enabling networking between students and academia, professionals,  as well as industry. We are now recruiting new members to join in on our brainstorming and decision making, in order to ultimately better the chapter. We are open to your innovative ideas. Together we can make this a wonderful network, become a member today!


1. Eligibility – All uOttawa CSME Student Chapter members must be enrolled in Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science program. A uOttawa Student Union member is a uOttawa student who has paid their membership fee. All members shall be listed on the Chapter’s website.
2. Definition of a member – A student who attends at least 1 meeting/event per semester to maintain an associate status or who participates in any group competition projects at uOttawa. Moreover, a student must hold a CSME student membership.

Yearly Membership Package: CAD $10

  • Access to conferences hosted by the original CSME Chapter
  • Access to networking events and workshops
  • Access to CSME uOttawa Student Chapter resources
  • uOttawa CSME patch
  • Possible uOttawa CSME T-shirts
  • Free food
  • and more…..


Resignation and Removal

4. Members fail to perform their duties as detailed in the uOttawa CSME constitution, or caught in misconducting practises as related to uOttawa Student Code of Conduct, PEO Code of Ethics, Criminal Code of Canada, or other existing statutes can be removed from their positions by a 2⁄3 majority vote of the executive board.
5. Members who wish to retire shall give a month notice and write a letter of explanation for the reason they are leaving.

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